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Chiropractic Care: Reasons Why It Is a Wholesome Form of Treatment

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When your body is at optimum, it is capable of healing itself in the event that you acquire an injury or some trauma. As long as you are engaging in regular exercise and eating a healthy diet, your body should be able to recover quickly. It should be noted though that over the years, more and more people are taking up jobs that keep them seated all day behind a desk, tapping away at their laptops. This effectively means a decrease in the amount of exercise that they are receiving as well as compromising their posture over the years. One of the ways to counter this would be through chiropractic care. So what are some of the different reasons that make chiropractic care a wholesome form of treatment for your body? Chiropractic care will improve your posture One of the initial changes that you will notice by engaging in frequent chiropractic sessions is the positive impact that it will have on your posture. When you work in an office setting, you steadily begin to develop a slump. This is because your shoulders are constantly hunched over your desk. Not only does this change how you stand, but it can have an effect on your gait too. Over time, your spine’s positioning, placement of your arms, movement of your legs will all seem off kilter. Chiropractic care enables you to stop this from happening by using regular stretches and adjustments. When you undergo a chiropractic session, the therapist will work to stretch your back, which not only enhances your posture but will also relax your muscles. Regular sessions will make you walk taller and feel much stronger. Chiropractic care improves your body movements After enhancing your posture and having your spine properly aligned, you will begin to notice that it also has a positive impact on other facets of your wellness. One of the ways that regular chiropractic care will benefit you is by enhancing your range of motion. By having a straight back, you are prodding your feet with a more stable base. This is turn makes it easier for your to walk, run and engage in a slew of physical activities without posing the risk of injury to yourself. Moreover, the alignment of your core functions to keep you more centred. This can greatly enhance your flexibility. With routine chiropractic care, you can say goodbye to stiffness and changing muscles as your body will be better adept at undertaking a wide assortment of...

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The Advantages of a Professional Sports Massage

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Sports massage is quickly gaining in popularity among athletes. Almost all athletes will suffer from a sports related injury at least once in their career and need an emergency treatment. Not only can sports massages provide a pain relief, but they can also help in treating injuries and prevent muscle damage. Sports massages also promote better muscle symmetry, tone, as well as increased motion range. Here are some more advantages that you could benefit from by undergoing sports massage therapy. Improve the Permeability of Your Tissue Undergoing sports massages help improve your body’s tissue permeability. Since the underlying layers of your skin are carefully manipulated through various techniques, the skin pores open and allow the fluids and nutrients to pass through them with ease. In turn, this helps flush out the harmful toxins from your skin and ultimately support the absorption of oxygen and nutrients into your muscles. The elevated absorption of nutrients into your muscles will greatly aid in your recovery. Boost Your Blood Circulation Sports massage therapy can also help in boosting your blood circulation. The blood vessels get stretched out during the therapy, which also allows nutrients to more easily pass through. The nutrients can get carried to the damaged muscles and increase the healing speed. A boosted blood circulation helps with reducing swelling that has been caused by a physical activity as well. Ultimately, the pressure applied during these techniques help your lymphatic system properly rid itself of toxins. Reduce the Risk of Developing Scar Tissue There’s always the possibility of scar tissue forming after injury, unless proper precautions have been taken. Throughout the healing process, damaged muscles can lose their flexibility and elasticity gradually. This causes them to stiffen up. Regular sports massage therapies can help separate the fibres and ultimately break down the scarred tissues while increasing the flexibility in these affected areas. Help With Muscle Relaxation Discomfort and muscle pain can present itself for weeks after the initial injury, depending on its severity. Sports therapy massages can really help reduce the body tension responsible for this pain. During a sports massage therapy session, your entire body will release more endorphins through your body; endorphins which will interact with your brain’s receptors and help decrease the perception levels of pain. Once the pain has subsided, the warmth and stretching of your muscles will give you a feeling of relaxation. There are many benefits to sports massage. If you have suffered from an injury, look into how it can help...

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Five Tips for Reducing or Eliminating Neck Pain Related to Computer Gaming

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Are you having neck pain due to gaming on your computer? If so, that hobby-related pain can make it hard to focus and function in other aspects of your life. Luckily, there are many things you can do to minimise and eliminate your computer-gaming neck pain: 1. Invest in a better chair. If you are sitting in a chair that doesn’t support your body, it can lead to neck and back pain. Consider investing in desk chairs that support your lower back and neck — look for a chair with adjustable height so you can customise it to meet your needs. Alternatively, you can buy an ergonomic chair on which you basically kneel in a position that alleviates pressure off your spine and neck. 2. Explore different gaming positions. In many cases, neck pain occurs when you are in the same uncomfortable position for extended periods of time. Don’t always game in the same position. Instead of sitting all the time, try standing for a bit, or put your computer on the floor and sit on a low slung chair. 3. Choose the correct monitor height. Regardless of which position you are in, the position of the monitor is also extremely important. Ideally, you should adjust the monitor so that it is straight across from your face. You don’t want to have to bend your head up or down to see it. If you don’t have an adjustable monitor, adjust it by placing stacks of books under it or by moving it to a table or desk that is a different height than the one you normally use. 4. Use a video game controller. If you are gaming with your mouse and keyboard, it can force your hands, wrists and arms into odd positions. Those positions can translate into pinched nerves or other issues related to neck pain. Consider protecting your neck by not using your keyboard and mouse to game. Instead, invest in a traditional gaming controller that attaches to one of the USB ports of your CPU. 5. Stretch in between levels. Instead of playing level after level on your computer games, pause the game in between levels or as needed, get off your chair and do some stretches. Open up your chest and pull your neck backward so your head is tilted up. Also, reach one of your arms out to the side and tilt your neck to the opposite side so that your neck and arm make a diagonal line, hold, and then repeat on the opposite side. For more tips and ideas on reducing neck pain related to computer gaming, contact a chiropractor, such as those at Coogee...

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Office Workers: Four Simple Ways You Can Prevent Lower Back Pain – Without Spending A Cent

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Office workers often spend long periods sitting at their desks. This type of static posture is bad for your back health, stretching spinal ligaments and straining discs, which, in turn, can lead to lower back pain. If you spend long periods sitting a desk, consider the following simple, cost-free ways you can maintain spinal health and avoid the lower back pain that plagues so many people. Go for a short walk A study by the University of Missouri found that a short walk (around ten minutes) reversed some of the cardiovascular effects of six hours of sitting. What’s more, a short walk can also help you avoid some of the posture problems that lead to back injuries. It’s easy to find reasons to go for a short walk. Take a trip to the printer, or go and make a cup of coffee. Instead of sending an email or making a phone call, visit a colleague at his or her desk, and get some exercise along the way. If all else fails, simply walk around the building for a few minutes. Some thinking time away from your desk could also help you work more productively. Set up a daily stand-up meeting Agile project managers rely on daily stand-up meetings to discuss progress. During these sessions, team members talk about their current work and highlight any problems they need help with. This collaborative style of meeting is also a great way to break up the monotony of sitting at your desk – and everyone can do it. Set up a daily stand-up meeting for a current project or initiative. Get everyone to come to a quiet area, and spend ten or fifteen minutes talking collaboratively. Not only will you share ideas, you’ll also get some vital time away from your desk chair. Devise a desk-based exercise routine Doctors often recommend exercise as a way to counter lower back pain, but some people wrongly assume that you can only properly work out in the gym. In fact, you can also carry out exercises to help look after your back without even leaving your desk. For example, some yoga postures can help relieve tension. Sit facing forward and turn your head to the left while you turn your torso to the right. Hold the position for a few seconds before alternating sides. Repeat the exercise fifteen times. Before you start any exercises, you should always talk to your doctor. If you already suffer with back problems, your chiropractor can tell you which movements are safe for you. Office workers need to find creative ways to avoid lower back pain. Find simple ways to incorporate exercise and time away from your desk into your daily routine, as this will decrease the risk of painful back...

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Preventing Back Pain When You’re Lifting Weights

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The spine is a fragile part of the body, particularly among those who lift weights. Most back injuries occur in the lumbar region (lower back) and are caused by improper posture, poor technique and over lifting. By putting the following tips into practice, you can prevent back pain and reduce the risk of developing injuries when you’re training. Know Your Limits If you aren’t a seasoned lifter, it’s always best to start on weight machines. Machines are often designed to reduce stress on the back and can be used with little supervision. Use a comfortable weight and perform 12 to 15 repetitions. Stop immediately if you reach a state of physical exhaustion or find yourself unable to perform the exercise with the correct posture. When you become exhausted you’re back will be more prone to injury. Increase your weight over time. If you encounter any back strain, consult a specialist. Chiropractors can devise a treatment plan that will help you mobilize your spine and increase its range of motion. Free weights require an extremely strong and stable core; therefore, you shouldn’t use them until you have a reasonable level of strength. While squats and deadlifts are great for strengthening the posterior chain, they must be performed correctly. When you’re starting out, focus on form, rather than weight. Always use a spotter and seek advice from a gym instructor to ensure you’re performing the exercise correctly. Never perform Olympic lifts, such as the clean and jerk or snatch, without proper training and supervision. Rest and Recover Rest is the most understated element of weight training. Too much exercise can actually become counter productive as it doesn’t give your muscles time to recover and rebuild. Even if you focus each workout on a specific muscle group, you should still factor regular rest days into your routine. Observe your sleeping position and use a firm mattress. Lying on your stomach will exaggerate your spinal arch and cause unnecessary strain. The fetal position, on the other hand, can relieve strain. Tucking a pillow between your legs can also ease pressure on your hips if they feel tight after a workout. If you start developing symptoms consistent with lumbar back, such as pain, strain or numbness, rest and seek aid from a chiropractor or physician. A few weeks sitting on the sidelines is better than a long-term injury. Do not lift weights until the pain has completely subdued. In the meantime, if you can maintain a degree of mobility, keep the area stimulated with light exercise, such as walking, tai chi and...

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Things To Know About Chiropractic Treatment For Migraines

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If you suffer from migraine headaches or even tension headaches, which have many of the same symptoms and triggers as migraines, and over the counter medication hasn’t improved your condition, you may want to consider the benefits of chiropractic treatment. Although you probably know that chiropractic care is often used to treat back and neck pain, it  can also relieve some of the pain you experience with a migraine. Here are some important things for you to know about chiropractic migraine management. Your Chiropractor Will Look For External Triggers — When you visit a chiropractor for migraine treatment, you will undergo the standard physical examination, but the most important part of the initial consultation is for your chiropractor to try and identify the external triggers that cause your migraines. There are many types of triggers, including stress, a sudden increase in your blood sugar, certain types of foods that contain artificial flavouring such as MSG, and pollens and toxins in the air. Finding your external triggers is similar to detective work, as you and your chiropractor will have to delve into your migraine history to isolate some possible causes. Your Chiropractor Will Look For Physical Causes — In addition to the external triggers, your chiropractor will try to determine some physical causes of your migraines. For example, poor posture can place stress on your back and neck, which can lead to a migraine. Your chiropractor will also determine if you have any muscle or joint issues in your neck that could be constricting the blood vessels, which is another cause of a migraine. The alignment of your spine is another important indicator, because a spine that is out of alignment often leads to neck and shoulder pain that can radiate into your head. Spinal alignment is determined by a physical evaluation and X rays. Your Chiropractor Will Recommend Several Treatment Options — In many instances, your chiropractor will determine that a combination of avoiding certain triggers and manual manipulation can relieve some of the symptoms associated with a migraine. Manual manipulation is a technique in which a chiropractor uses hands, elbows and forearms to relieve muscle soreness and to perform ‘adjustments,’ in which your body is placed in different positions so that your chiropractor can align your spine and back. For an adjustment of your neck, your chiropractor will place both hands beneath your head as the rest of your body lies flat. With a quick twist of your neck, the adjustment is complete, and you will often hear a  popping sound, indicating that a joint has been adjusted. Adjustments ease pain, relieve pressure on your nerves and increase blood flow. Other treatment options for migraines include the application of heat packs and soft-tissue massage of your neck and head. For more information about your options for chiropractic migraine management, contact a local chiropractic...

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Chiropractor | 3 Tips to Win Big From Your Chiropractic Visit For Back Pain Treatment

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When you’re suffering from back pain, a visit to the chiropractor could help ease your agony drastically. These trained professionals will pay particular attention to your spinal area to alleviate pain using different techniques. Chiropractic pain therapy treatments can go a long way in helping to ease your back pain, so be sure to use these tips to win big from your chiropractor visits. Know the Common Back Pain Treatments for Better Preparation   The most common chiropractic treatments for back pain are spinal manipulation and pain management alignment. These are undertaken to arouse the self-healing ability of the human body. Spinal manipulation and pain management re-alignment requires the use of forceful pressure on specific areas of your back to help lessen your pain. This forced pressure can be low or abrupt and may be enforced by the chiropractor’s bare hands or through specialised instruments. The chiropractor may also incorporate massages into your treatment plan. If you want to get into more details, ask your chiropractor about the specific methods he or she is planning to use for your back pain. Relax Your Muscles Through Gentle Exercise for Better Effectiveness Because chiropractic treatment requires hands-on manipulation and alignment, you must relax your muscles as much as possible for better success. Keep in mind that tension and stiffness could obstruct the effectiveness of the manipulation technique, so do a few muscle relaxation exercises just before you visit the chiropractor. For example, soak in hot water or have a hot shower before a chiropractor visit to ease the tension in your muscles. Similarly, breathing exercises will help your mind and body feel calmer. If you’re not relaxed properly, you may feel sorer after your treatments, so try and gently soothe your muscles before your visit. Follow the After Care Advice Given By The Chiropractor A chiropractor is a well-trained and licensed specialist to offer you advice on everything ranging from supplements and diet to physical activity and other after care necessities. To help alleviate your back pain faster, the chiropractor may recommend changes in diets, additions of nutritional supplements and changes in physical activities. The chiropractor may also recommend the use of electrical stimulation, along with hot and cold packs in some cases. Be sure to follow the after care advice of your chiropractor diligently if you want to recover quicker from your back pain ailments. A chiropractor has the expertise and training to help you get rid of your back pain problems –– use these tips to get the most value from your visits....

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