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Welcome to my blog. I recently became a mum for the first time to a beautiful baby girl, but it wasn't an easy process. I spent a lot of money on fertility treatments and was even beginning to consider IVF, when I finally sought the help of a chiropractor. Whether it moved organs, relaxed me or did something I can't understand, I was pregnant two weeks later. I want other women to know about the amazing potential of chiropractic care and how it can help with fertility, pregnancy back pain and even your life as a mum toting around a heavy baby or toddler. I will post other natural care articles as well. Enjoy in good health.

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Naturopathic Chiropractic Integration And What Patients Should Know

The idea of a chemical-free medicinal option is an increasingly popular goal for many people. More and more people are stepping back and reevaluating the chemicals, supplements, and drugs they are putting in their bodies. Specifically, people are considering the after-effects all of these chemicals are having and how to avoid them. 

If you already see a chiropractor, you are one step closer to your goal. Another step to consider is a chiropractor that brings naturopath methods into their practice. Here are some of the things you should know about naturopathic chiropractic services and how they can benefit your health. 


Nontoxic is a word that goes along with many doctors who practice naturopathic methods. The concept is to remove the chemicals and toxins from your body on a daily basis. Having as few chemicals as possible in your system helps the doctor see the root of the issues. For example, your chiropractor may notice increasing inflammation in your system. If you are on prescriptions, taking chemical supplements, or are ingesting other toxins, it may be difficult for your chiropractor to know the root cause of the issue. This is why they use non-toxic methods along with chiropractic care to alleviate the issues you are having. 

Root Of The Issues

The main point of naturopathic care is to help diagnose and treat health issues by locating the root of the problem. For example, you may have increased inflammation in your joints. This inflammation can be food-related, exercise-related, or a result of adverse reactions to medication. Your chiropractor will use different techniques to help adjust your joints and skeletal systems. This can help elevate swelling and inflammation; however, if it comes back and is worse, the roof of the issue may be a deeper concern. Your doctor works with the issues and searches for the reason the inflammation is occurring and how to work with those causes to reduce or alleviate them from the body. 


Once your doctor finds the root of the problem, they will begin a chiropractic and naturopath care plan that ensures whatever is triggering your body is removed over time and remains removed. For example, if your issues are coming from weight gain due to IBS, you may find your chiropractor helping with plans that find trigger foods, reduce the intake, and increase your amount of exercise and routine appointments.

These are just a few of the benefits of using naturopath-based chiropractic services. If you are currently seeking both a chiropractor and naturopath, begin looking for integrative services. This search will help you locate a naturopath-based chiropractor near you. Check with your insurance to determine if they cover the services and what portion of the services you will need to cover.