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Welcome to my blog. I recently became a mum for the first time to a beautiful baby girl, but it wasn't an easy process. I spent a lot of money on fertility treatments and was even beginning to consider IVF, when I finally sought the help of a chiropractor. Whether it moved organs, relaxed me or did something I can't understand, I was pregnant two weeks later. I want other women to know about the amazing potential of chiropractic care and how it can help with fertility, pregnancy back pain and even your life as a mum toting around a heavy baby or toddler. I will post other natural care articles as well. Enjoy in good health.

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The Advantages of a Professional Sports Massage

Sports massage is quickly gaining in popularity among athletes. Almost all athletes will suffer from a sports related injury at least once in their career and need an emergency treatment. Not only can sports massages provide a pain relief, but they can also help in treating injuries and prevent muscle damage. Sports massages also promote better muscle symmetry, tone, as well as increased motion range. Here are some more advantages that you could benefit from by undergoing sports massage therapy.

Improve the Permeability of Your Tissue

Undergoing sports massages help improve your body's tissue permeability. Since the underlying layers of your skin are carefully manipulated through various techniques, the skin pores open and allow the fluids and nutrients to pass through them with ease. In turn, this helps flush out the harmful toxins from your skin and ultimately support the absorption of oxygen and nutrients into your muscles. The elevated absorption of nutrients into your muscles will greatly aid in your recovery.

Boost Your Blood Circulation

Sports massage therapy can also help in boosting your blood circulation. The blood vessels get stretched out during the therapy, which also allows nutrients to more easily pass through. The nutrients can get carried to the damaged muscles and increase the healing speed. A boosted blood circulation helps with reducing swelling that has been caused by a physical activity as well. Ultimately, the pressure applied during these techniques help your lymphatic system properly rid itself of toxins.

Reduce the Risk of Developing Scar Tissue

There's always the possibility of scar tissue forming after injury, unless proper precautions have been taken. Throughout the healing process, damaged muscles can lose their flexibility and elasticity gradually. This causes them to stiffen up. Regular sports massage therapies can help separate the fibres and ultimately break down the scarred tissues while increasing the flexibility in these affected areas.

Help With Muscle Relaxation

Discomfort and muscle pain can present itself for weeks after the initial injury, depending on its severity. Sports therapy massages can really help reduce the body tension responsible for this pain. During a sports massage therapy session, your entire body will release more endorphins through your body; endorphins which will interact with your brain's receptors and help decrease the perception levels of pain. Once the pain has subsided, the warmth and stretching of your muscles will give you a feeling of relaxation.

There are many benefits to sports massage. If you have suffered from an injury, look into how it can help you.